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Bongo's - Professional
Well constructed professional, tunable Bongo's in natural wood colour. 7.5’’ ..
Hand-Carved Djembe out of a single piece of Red Mahogony
Hand-Carved Djembe from a single piece of Red Mahogony Each piece is unique, beautifully c..
Meinl Ibo or Udu Drum
These Meinl Ibo Drums ("Ibo" is the authentic Nigerian name for "pottery") perfectly combine inno..
Remo Doodle Drum
Doodle Drum by Remo - The Doodle drum is a great way to introduce children to music and rhythm. U..
Remo Sound Shapes
Remo Sound Shapes - Sound shapes are high quality, affordable, percussion instruments. They come in ..
Timbales with Cow Bell
Timbales offer traditional sound and excellent value.  The tilting stand is heavy-duty and h..
Tone Drum
Tone Drum - small - Multi-Tone Drum with handle, comes with mallet and ball. Medium size = 16 cm ..
Tunable Djembe- red
Djembe - Tunable - red - Tunable red djembe with leather head. 25 cm x 48 cm ..
"Ape" drum or "Monkey" drum
Ape drum or monkey drum, is played by gently rolling the handle back and forth to set the beaters in..
Bodhran, 43 cm with tipper
These bodhrans provide a clean, clear sound at an excellent price. Quality goatskin heads, with natu..
Drum sticks - professional
High quality hardwood drum sticks for snare drums, latin timbales, etc. ..
Ocean Drum - professional - Large
16" (41cm) Ocean drum. Unique two-headed drums with steel shot inside produces varied "ocean surf" s..
Ocean Drum - professional - medium
14" (36cm) Ocean drum. Unique two-headed drums with steel shot inside produces varied "ocean surf" s..
Paint your own instruments kit
Set with percussion instruments in natural finish, bag, paint brushes and paint. Have fun and paint..
REMO 10" (15 cm) kid's hand drum
Remo's 10" Kid's hand drums include a soft rubber mallet for school and group music programs. Have a..